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Aptus Financial, Business Banking Branding Design

Aptus Financial, Business Banking Branding Design


One of the secrets in avoiding hand fatigue is to move the hand when forming each element of the letter. Fatigue occurs essentially because the index finger and thumb are completely relied upon to move the pencil. As fatigue increases, the pencil is grasped tightly and the letters become shaky. 
As each letter character is formed, the fingers and hand should do an equal amount of work. When a draftsman learns to move his hand, as well as his fingers, his lettering will appear smoother.
To assist you in lettering, learn to hold the pencil with some degree of looseness. Allow the hand to move on the fleshy part of the palm to give the desired hand movement. The same kind of hand movement can be developed for horizontal, inclined or elliptical elements.
Once this technique has been mastered, the lettering will be smooth and have a tendency to be broader or expanded. When the pencil is held loosely, the muscles in the hand do not become tense. One of the rea¬sons a pencil is held too tightly is that an excessive amount of pressure is applied to make the letter dark. 
Usually a draftsman will letter with an H, F or perhaps a 2-H pencil. Pencils used for lettering are normally softer than the pencil used for line work. A softer lead will produce a darker line. Therefore, the amount of pressure ap¬plied to the pencil point in forming a letter can be reduced by using a softer pencil.
Pressure Sensitive Lettering
Freehand lettering, however, is not always used on architectural drawings. In some cases (for display or presentation drawings) the designer or illustrator may use manufactured pressure sensitive lettering.
Dry Transfer Lettering. One of the latest innovations in the field of illustrating is the dry transfer method. These transfer letters are arranged on a transparent plastic sheet. Letters are transferred by rubbing over the desired letter with any smooth instrument, such as a ball point pen or a soft pencil. Illustrates the method of Dry Transfer lettering is easy to apply. Frequently it is used on presentation drawings and architectural models.
The type sheet is then lifted away leaving the letter on the drawing surface. In circumstances where the illustrations may be handled, the letters may be “fixed” by the application of a clear acrylic spray.
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Using Brochures for Business Promotion


These products operate as your samples. They sharpen your marketing benefit by keeping your operate in front of customers' eyes, providing background info and also allowing them recognize your skills and also project desires. Each fills up a certain part, either alone or in con-junction with other pieces.
As you read through these descriptions, bear in mind that, while you need not create all. these materials at the same time, establishing layout continuity initially eventually leads to a whole plan that's visually joined.
If you plan to use a company logo, now is the time to make it and also like it. It could be a typographic gadget or picture created especially for your stationery or a real instance of your job that includes the design and subject for which you're most ideal understood or which you want to advertise. Lug this logo throughout your promo ¬ al techniques– uniformity of photo will make you more easily identifiable to purchasers.
A brochure is a pamphlet, brochure, or manifold printed piece; it usually presents various instances of your picture or style job together with background details; it might also consist of a personal declaration. Its con-tents may put on just one market location, tightening its use; if it provides a general review of your range of abilities, it is typically utilized with other, more focused pieces to approach specific markets.
Several promotional benefits are supplied by a sales brochure:
 The quantity of room offered provides you the freedom to produce the best picture of yourself and also your job.
 It supplies a lot of information to a prospect in a single entry.
 It can be used for in-person and forwarded entries.
It can wait itself or operate in conjunction with other materials.
  It could be a self-mailer.
A pamphlet's best drawback is expense. The very same room that allows you the freedom to consist of many examples additionally incurs a high printing and paper expense. Lower your cost with black-and-white reproduction as opposed to full colour; have strong goals for the brochure in thoughts so no dollars are lost; as well as plan your design to coordinate visually with your various other products to trick ¬ homage consistency of photo and also name acknowledgment.
The style is limited simply by your creativity however, due to the fact that a pamphlet can fill a wide range of objectives, rationalize its intended usages be ¬ fore you begin. Some sales brochures take the place of resumes by detailing your education, professional affiliations, previous clients, as well as honors; others connect just a selection of job.
Standard factors to consider for designing a pamphlet are:
 It has to fit in an 8V2″ by 11″ data cabinet.
  It has to contain at the very least one example sufficient of your work, if possible more.
  A photo or self-portrait personalizes your message as well as gives the potential buyer a special visual recommendation, because no two people look alike.
â�  Do not include prices.
â�  The paper have to weigh adequate to maintain rough handling if it
will certainly be used as a self-mailer (one folded side is blank; the pamphlet is stapled shut, dealt with, stamped and also sent by mail without an envelope).
â�  Base your style as well as folding intend on conventional paper dimensions to save money at the printer.
â�  Make sure your name and also a minimum of your phone number are consisted of.
â�  Optional info includes quick task descriptions corresponding to imagined works, original artwork sizes and also media, and brief quotes from folks of influence in your specific area (if they've actually claimed them) or from articles discussed you.
If the majority of your work is colour however you are recreating your brochure in black as well as white, pick works that hold up best compositionally without color to count on. A choice: consider two-color printing, which will fall financially in between black and also white and full-color; your artworks are still in black and also white, but touches or bands of colour prevent the pamphlet from looking dull. Printing in colored ink on colored stock provides a one-color-cost method to get a two-color result. Be sure to think about how the colors will certainly affect one another– do not let develop overpower material.
After you have actually made your brochure, positioned your artwork, and writ ¬ 10 your message, bow out it. Permit it sit for a while and then come back to it. Consider it as if you were seeing it for the very first time as a prospective client and also truthfully review exactly what it's communicating to you.
Letterhead and Envelope
Letterhead is stationery imprinted
with your name, address, contact number and also possibly your logo and also a short detailed expression that defines you or your job. In the beginning idea, letterhead could appear to you the least of your fears, but reconsider. In forwarded entries, your letterhead is the initial “fine art” product the fine art director views. This very same letterhead can serve for your return to, statements, cover letters, and task agreements.
Select top quality paper. Not only does much heavier paper feel richer, however you'll appreciate it if written info does not reveal with its coordinating mailing envelope as it finishes with cheaper paper.
A lot better documents frequently need to be special-ordered, particularly if you are using a quick-printer. It may be necessary to buy a minimum of 500 sheets. Although this might feel like more stationery compared to you can ever make use of, keep in mind that the cost each individual published sheet lessens as the variety of sheets increases.
Also, if you purchase sufficient paper stock for succeeding runs, you will be sure of consistent colour and also texture. Don't have your whole paper published as letterhead due to the fact that you will certainly require empty sheets for correspondence that exceeds one page.
In developing your letterhead, choose a font that is readable. If your name as well as address are hard to decipher, active potential customers will not make the effort. Go through the ink-jet printer's kindface sample publication and determine which font visually communicates exactly what you would like to say about yourself. Below, as in all promotional materials, your goal is to communicate that you are as an expert. Normally speaking, serif typefaces are much more traditional as well as legible, while sans serif kindfaces are much more modern and utilitarian. aptusfinancial.com

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Marketing your Logos and Brochures


Marketing your Logos and Brochures

Letterhead is stationery imprinted with your name, address, phone number and possibly your logo and a brief descriptive phrase that defines you or your work. At first thought, letterhead might seem to you the least of your worries, but think again. In mailed submissions, your letter­head is the first “art” item the art di­rector sees. This same letterhead can serve for your resume, invoices, cover letters, and assignment agreements.

Select quality paper. Not only does heavier paper feel richer, but you'll appreciate it if written information doesn't show through its matching mailing envelope as it does with less expensive paper.


Better papers frequently have to be special-ordered, especially if you are using a quick-printer. It may be nec­essary to buy a minimum of 500 sheets. Although this may seem like more stationery than you could ever use, remember that the price per in­dividual printed sheet decreases as the number of sheets increases.

Also, if you purchase enough paper stock for subsequent runs, you will be sure of consistent color and tex­ture. Don't have your entire paper or­der printed as letterhead because you will need blank sheets for correspon­dence that exceeds one page.

In designing your letterhead, select a typeface that is readable. If your name and address are difficult to de­cipher, busy prospects won't take the time. Go through the printer's type­face sample book and decide which typeface visually communicates what you want to say about yourself. Here, as in all promotional materials, your goal is to communicate who you are as a professional. Generally speaking, serif typefaces are more traditional and readable, while sans serif type­faces are more contemporary and utilitarian. Script typefaces are fussy and may be nearly unreadable if filled with flourishes. Some typefaces that look terrific when large lose their ef­fectiveness when printed in a point size appropriate for stationery.

Tips to remember when planning your letterhead:

  • Your name and any descriptive phrase, such as illustrator or de­signer, are placed at the top of the letterhead to promote imme­diate identification.
  • Your address and phone number can be positioned at the top or the bottom—the choice is yours. Include the area code in your phone number.
  • When selecting your descriptive phrase use definitive words, such as wildlife illustrator or book designer. Graphic artist or simply artist really doesn't say much to someone who isn't fa­miliar with you or your work.

■          White, beige or pale gray are the

stationery colors of choice, but other pale shades are acceptable. Do not choose dark or garish col­ors; in the business world they connote insecurity and unprofes-sionalism, and they also make it difficult to read typed correspon­dence.

■ If you're using colored ink for your letterhead, the ink's color combined with the paper's color also has a readability factor. Black on yellow (pale, please) is the most legible color combina­tion, followed by green, red or black on white.

Your correspondence envelopes (#10 business size, 9V2″ by W) should match your letterhead. Your name, address, and logo (if any) should be printed in the same typestyle and ink as the rest of your sta­tionery. Large (9″ by 12″) envelopes for mailed submissions to potential clients as well as any other size enve­lope you believe you will utilize in your business mailings can also be imprinted to match the letterhead if your finances allow.







Industrial marketing (or business to business marketing) is the marketing of goods and services by one business to another. …







Marketing is a Canadian business magazine about marketing , advertising and media . Publisher: The magazine is published 18 times a year …






Marketing your Logos and Brochures
DescriptionBusiness Marketing Melbourne Services.png English: We offer an amazing business profit strategies which help to increase your business profits




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Business Advertising with ATM Business Infographics

Chip-and-PIN cards are accepted by almost all businesses, even by cab drivers. Tips: Despite some recent news about security flaws in this protocol, chip-and-PIN cards are still more secure and harder to clone than magnetic ……via How to use ATMs in Brazil safely- infographic | IT News Africa


Since there is a limit to what a person may see and remem­ber while driving, the number of items of information being seen on the infographics, as he moves down the street can become limited. Visual items defined as being a symbol, word, a syllable, or unique shape. The recommended visual items of six or less should be enough information, to adequately help a driver find what he is seeking. No more than six items of infor­mation seems to be the maximum a driver will be able absorb from any one street sign. Take all these considerations into context when designing your Infographics to be visible for potential customers driving by in their vehicles. 

Business Advertising with ATM Business Infographics



Business Advertising with ATM Business Infographics Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information , data or knowledge intended to present complex …

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Evolutionary Games Infographic Project gallery

Business Advertising with ATM Business Infographics The Evolutionary Games Infographic Project (EGIP) seeks to promote and improve the … Prisoner's Dilemma infographics : File:Prisoner%27s_ …

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Submit Articles for advertising and Marketing.

Aptusfinancial Business Branding

On advertising and marketing, the advantages of making use of reliable internet site to interest consumers will certainly commonly be ignored. An indication firm will permit you to develop a strong company picture in your customers, aiding your company with direct exposure as well as your income.
Make Indicator For My Business
Nowadays, an indication business could provide lots of choices for bunches of businesses and items and also solutions and also it’s a provided you will encounter the very best one for you. You could select between monolith site or wall surface web site that present your business name and also solutions, network letters or even 3D structure letters. The choice hinges on your funds, and also where you plan to place the web site.
Those monolith site have the tendency to be drawing folks’s focus from afar as they are usually positioned on the street front, while wall web site have the tendency to be on the brand’s front side altitude wall surface.
There’s likewise some businesses that will certainly utilize added internet site on additional elevations. Regardless of the amount of web site you utilize for your firm, they need to all be straightforward as well as simple to read.
You have to take an appearance at different sign firms that make, style as well as style and also deploy your business sign. They not simply create an indicator based on your budget plan and also specs, in addition they ensure your sign follows code compliance criteria such as placing and also measurements of the signboard.
The sign company you pick will should use the best parts for the indicator including plated products for exterior web site. If you need brightened website, LED website are one of the most prominent alternative available as LED lights work well throughout the day.
Take a look at their past work. The very best means to get a concept of the type of site the firm can make is if you take a brief check out earlier instances of their job. This is commonly done in individual, or by taking a look at the instances set up on their site. Nevertheless if you take a look at the web site yourself, you obtain a much better feel of everything you can expect from the indicator business.
As it is necessary that you have actually acquired an indication for your business prior to you open your company, it is essential to try to find an excellent indicator company in the first phases of starting up your company.
internet site are confirmed investments indicated for companies. Some individuals are having the opinion that spending a lot of money on their company sign is a waste of cash. On the various other hand bit do they recognize that website with the company’s logo and also a messaging board which updates consumers as well as markets specials will certainly entice a lot more customers as compared to affordable company web site.
If you choose to use message boards which let you market advertisings and also specials, be sure you are also provided with detailed instructions on the best ways to transform the messages readable. Furthermore, the company you buy such sign boards also needs to be the firm that will certainly be mending it.
Do not overlook the considerable impact a correctly developed indication could have, it can significantly boost your firm’s long-term exposure and gradually develop a great deal even more clients for you. Looking at the a number of favorable facets and the affordable, you cannot postpone and must get a customized indicator from the indicator brand better sooner than later on.
You can pick between monument web site or wall internet site that present your business name as well as solutions, stations letters or even 3D building letters. The decision depends after your financial resources, as well as where you intend to put the web site.
The best method to get a concept of the kind of website the business could possibly manufacture is if you take a short appearance at earlier examples of their job. If you take an appearance at the web site on your own, you obtain a better feel of everything you could expect from the sign firm.
On the other hand bit do they know that website with the company’s logo design and also a messaging board which updates customers and also markets specials will certainly draw in much more customers compared to low-cost company internet site. aptusfinancial.com

Reliable Business Branding

The reliable workhorse you’ve come to know and love has an
exciting new way for you to make a buck. Offer prepaid wireless
recharges from major and regional carriers and multiple long
distance calling plans through your

Triton ATM

With a simple inexpensive upgrade to your

Triton ATM
, you can start
reaping the benefits of an industry with an ever-expanding
market – while turning your Triton into the full service
transaction center it was born to be.


Instead of taking up valuable space with recharge cards for
multiple carriers and adding another burden to your staff,
funnel your prepaid wireless phone airtime and long distance
minutes sales through your Triton ATM and watch your transaction
fees go through the roof. It’s a great way to get even more
revenue from an existing profit center and generate a new wave
of traffic to your store. Plus you’ll eliminate costly inventory
requirements. Put the PaySpot prepaid program to work and let
the minutes sell themselves.


Millions of people burn up billions of wireless minutes every
day. And a growing number of those callers are using prepaid
minutes to power their phones. triton ATMs offer a hassle-free
way to capture your share of that business in a format that your
customers are already familiar with. For your customers, buying
minutes will be no more complicated than making a cash


Triton and PaySpot’s arrangement with all the major wireless
phone carriers, including AT&T Wireless, Verizon, Cingular,
T-Mobile, ALLTEL, and most regional providers, is further proof
of this system’s viability. Plus prepaid airtime just makes good
sense. It’s already the most popular type of phone plan in
Europe and the number of prepaid users in the United States
grows everyday. It’s a method poised for explosive growth-8.8
billion dollars by 2005, which means consistently larger
opportunities for increased transaction fees. And isn’t that
what you want out of an ATM?



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